Channable Connector

Channable Connector for Google Data Studio

With the Channable Connector for Google Data Studio you can report on your orders. When you connect you get insights in your total items, channels & order revenue. Next to the total numbers, you get detailed information of the order revenue and from which channel you get the most revenue.

  • You can combine the data with other sources to get new insights
  • All your data sources in one dashboard
  • Data awareness within your organization
  • Free and easy to use, just like our other available connectors
data studio dashboard

Gladior & Google Data Studio

Trouble with the realisation of your data studio dashboard? Gladior can help you with the following services:

  • Data Intergration
  • Data Analyses
  • Data Strategy
  • Preformance Solutions (Big Query)
  • Data Visualisation (Design)
  • New Data Studio Connectors

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