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Channable Connector for Google Data Studio

With the Channable Connector you can report on the most important statistics of your Channable project.

Channable Template

The template has 1 page. This page has general order data of your Channable account.

How to connect the data?

We will explain how you can connect the data to Data Studio.

1). Go to Channable & login!

Login stap 1


2). When you are logged in you can generate an API token for your company. Go to Channable API.

API stap 2


3). Here you can find the company’s ID and generate the API Token.



4). When the token is generated you need to save the token because it will only generate once! (tip! use your password manager)

5). The next step is going to the Data Studio connector: Gladior’s Channable Connector

Channable connector


6). Authorize the Connector



7). When authorized you need to fill in the credentials. Username is the company ID & Token is the API Token you saved from Channable. (See step 3!)





8). When you’ve filled in the credentials you get the option to add a project ID and connect!
Go to your project and there you can find the project ID in the URL ( The ID after /projects/, for example: /projects/67891) or on the Channable app (Set-up –> Product Configuration)

project iD


9). Great you’ve made a connection with the connector! Here you see all the available fields of the connector and explained what the fields mean. When you click on ‘make report’ you will connect the data to the template.

[Screenshot alle velden]

Metrics and Dimensions

You can send the following metrics and dimensions to Google Data Studio:

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