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Indeed Sponsored Jobs Connector for Google Data Studio

With the Indeed Sponsored Jobs Connector you can report on the most important statistics of your Indeed Sponsored Jobs Connector account. To use this connector you need an API Key.

How to connect the data?

We will explain how you can connect the data to Data Studio.

1). Go to and get your account token.


2). When you’ve generated the account token, copy this code and go to the link below the code

3). Authorize the use of the Data Studio Connector

4). The next step is to authorize our Facebook Ads connector.

5). Paste the account token in this field and click on next.

6). Login to your account and make the connection.

7). Choose the Facebook Ads account, you want to connect to the Facebook Ads connector.

8). When you’ve made the connection with Data Studio you will see all the possible fields of data with a description of what they mean.

9). When you click on ‘make report’ you will connect the data to the template.

Metrics and Dimensions

You can send the following metrics and dimensions to Google Data Studio:

NameDIMENSIONTEXTThe campaign name
Currency CodeDIMENSIONTEXTThe campaign Currency Code
Total costMETRICCURRENCY_EURThe Cost for the campaign on the specified day
Average CPAMETRICCURRENCY_EURThe Average CPA for the campaign on the specified day
DateDIMENSIONYEAR_MONTH_DAYThe date of the recorded campaign traffic statistics
Start DateDIMENSIONYEAR_MONTH_DAYThe date of the recorded campaign traffic statistics
End DateDIMENSIONYEAR_MONTH_DAYThe date of the recorded campaign traffic statistics
Sponsored clicksMETRICNUMBERThe number of sponsored clicks for the campaign on the specified day
ImpressionsMETRICNUMBERThe number of people who viewed the sponsored campaign on that day
Sponsored appliesMETRICNUMBERThe number of applications resulting from direct clicks on your ad campaign on the specified day.
Organic ClicksMETRICNUMBERA result of unpaid delivery
Organic ImpressionsMETRICNUMBERA result of unpaid delivery
AveragePageMETRICNUMBERThe average page (web) on which the campaign was viewed (sponsored) on the day
Account EmailDIMENSIONTEXTThe employer's email address
Employer IdDIMENSIONTEXTThe employer ID
Company nameDIMENSIONTEXTThe employer's company name
Campaign IdDIMENSIONTEXTThe campaign id
Campaign NameDIMENSIONTEXTThe campaign name
Campaign StatusDIMENSIONTEXTThe campaign Status
Campaign Budget Optimization TargetDIMENSIONTEXT
Campaign Budget Onetime LimitMETRICCURRENCY_EUR
Campaign Budget Daily LimitMETRICCURRENCY_EUR
Account Jobs Monthly BudgetMETRICCURRENCY_EUR
Job countMETRICNUMBERThe current number of jobs in your campaign, determined by the campaign settings.