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Majestic SEO Connector for Data Studio made by Gladior

With our Majestic SEO Connector for Google Data Studio you can report on the most important statistics of Majestic SEO.


Trust Flow & Citation Flow

Our standard template has the most used metrics. In the template you can find a overview with the trust & citation flow, mosted used Anchor texts, backlinks per month & see which URL’s are linking to your website.


How to connect the data?

We will explain how you can connect the data of Majestic SEO to Google Data Studio.

1). Go to Majestic Developer Support here you need to generate an API key for Majestic.


2). When you’ve a API key, go to Majestic SEO Connector for Google Data Studio.

3). Authorize the use of the Data Studio Connector.

stap 2

4). The next step is to authorize our Majestic SEO connector.

stap 3

5). Paste the API key (The API key you’ve collected in step 1) in the field below and click on send!

6). When you’ve connected, you can place the URL you want to analyse. The next step is too choose between fresh or historic as data freshness and URL type (Root domain or Sub Domain). When ready, click connect!

stap 4

7). When you’ve connected, you will see all the possible field of data with a description of what the fields mean.


8). When you click on ‘make report’ you will connect the data to the template.


Metrics and Dimensions

You can send the following metrics and dimensions to Google Data Studio:

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