Release notes Data Hub

What's new in the Gladior Data Hub

19 januari 2022

  • E-mails with API keys updated
    • Contact changed to

17 december 2021

  • Update LinkedIn Connectors
    • Able to connect with one LinkedIn account to both Connectors at the same time (Ads & Company)

1 december 2021 – update Data Hub v1.1

  • New Dataset – Wincher +
    • Combination of Universal Analytics, Google Search Console & Wincher
  • New Connectors available
    • Google Search Console
    • Majestic
    • Channable
  • Filter option on credentials
  • Credential management
    • Admins can delete/change credentials
  • Insights on when the Data Source was last viewed/ configured and how many Data Studio Accounts use the Data Source.
  • Direct link to Data Studio Dashboards
  • Data Source AFAS Profit has member nr. in the name
    • Some GetConnectors has the same name, with the member nr. in the name you can easily see for which customer it’s used
  • Data Source Wincher shows in which country the positions are monitored.
  • Data Source MailChimp shows which customer you’ve connected
  • Tutorial film is now AVG-Proof and opens in a new tab
  • New Data Hub logo
  • Functional UX enhancements
    • Pop-up closing
    • Click on arrow instead of text.
  • Technical updates of the code for future improvements


10 september 2021 – Internal livegang Data Hub v1.0